Youth Union

Goals and objectives

The Youth Union of Uzbekistan is committed to forming a physically healthy, mentally mature and intellectually developed, independent-thinking young generation, protecting young people from external threats and the harmful effects of "mass culture", protecting the rights and legitimate interests of young people. It is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that unites the youth of Uzbekistan, formed by individuals in the organizational and legal form of the union in order to facilitate and create conditions.

The main goal of the Union is to deepen the democratic, political and economic reforms implemented in the country by young people, to strengthen peace and harmony in society, to involve Uzbekistan in the process of joining the ranks of the developed countries of the world, and to ensure the effective protection of the rights, freedoms and legal interests of the young generation. - raising the moral and professional level of girls, helping them realize their intellectual and creative potential.

The main tasks of the Union are:

- formation of mature, independent-thinking young people, who have their own vital position and firm beliefs, who are capable of taking a worthy place in the life of society, becoming a decisive force and support in the processes of reforming and renewing the country, their political culture, increase legal literacy and legal consciousness;

- educating young people, especially unorganized youth, in a spiritual and moral sense and in the spirit of military patriotism, forming in them historical memory, national pride and sense of identity, involvement in current events, respect for national and universal values;

- to protect the rights and legal interests of young people, to support their aspiration to acquire modern professions, to involve them in entrepreneurial activities;

- to support talented young people, to create conditions for them to realize their creative and intellectual potential, and to involve them in scientific activities;

- formation of a healthy lifestyle, ecological culture among young people, especially non-organized youth, and wide involvement of them in regular physical education and sports;

- to protect young people, especially unorganized young people, from the influence of religious-extremist and other destructive organizations, from negative influences and threats coming under the guise of "mass culture" from abroad, to prevent and prevent delinquency and crime among young people approval etc.

Legal and natural persons can become members of the Union according to the procedure established by the Charter. That is, citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan who have reached the age of 14 and are not older than 30, and natural persons without citizenship who have been regularly living in the Republic of Uzbekistan, who have expressed a desire to support the purpose of the Union, can become members of the Union. .

At the same time, non-governmental non-profit organizations in the field of youth and enterprises, institutions and organizations related to the field of youth, as well as other legal entities whose founding documents do not conflict with the Charter goals, tasks and programmatic documents of the Union may also become members of the Union.

The governing bodies of the Union include:

- Congress;

- Central Council;

- Executive Committee of the Central Council;

- Central Control-Inspection Commission.

The structure of the union includes:

- Central apparatus of the Union;

- Territorial structures of the Union;

- Local structures of the Union;

- Primary organizations of the Union;

- Enterprises, organizations and institutions wholly owned or affiliated with the Union, including mass media.

Also, under the Union and its separate divisions, "Kamalak" branches, which are active in the direction of children, will be established. They are a subsidiary of the Union and its separate units.


work done in the Youth Union 2022


 Students of 170 school yukori courses in yashnabad district organized an excursion to the Tashkent State Dental Institute. Activists of the Council of the Institute "Youth Union" introduced students to the Institute.




In order to ensure the implementation of Decree PF-5850 of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan “on measures to radically increase the prestige and status of the Uzbek language as a state language”dated October 21, 2019, to ensure the worthy place of the state language in the world network of information and communication technologies, in particular, the internet, the Youth Affairs Agency The participants of the scientific Department of the Tashkent State Dental Institute, doctoral students and activists took an active part in this presentation.




On February 9, 2022, an open dialogue was organized by Usmanov Farhad, the leader of the Youth Union of the Institute, in order to improve the effectiveness of spiritual and educational work carried out with students at the Tashkent State Dental Institute and to inform students with the work planned to be carried out in the future.Their students were informed about education, ethics and conditions created by the leadership of our Institute for students. The dialogue took place in the spirit of heated questions and answers, detailed answers were given to the questions posed on the side of students, and plans for the proposed and troubleshooting were established.This was followed by a presentation to students on the topic of aesthetics.


For students of the Tashkent State Dental Institute, work has always been carried out to organize their free time in a meaningful way, improve their professional skills, modern knowledge and skills. In particular, the chief dentist of the Medion hususiy clinic, a graduate of the Institute, Sardor Mirahmedov, together with the Faculty of Dentistry and the Youth Union of the institute, gave a lecture to students on the topic “sharpening teeth for various coatings”. In the continuation of the lecture, information about the anatomy and physiology of the teeth of students, what should be paid attention to when sharpening them was given in an interesting way. The lecture left great interest and taasurots in the students.



A meeting on the topic “grant in Japan” was held at the Tashkent State Institute of Dentistry at the initiative of the Youth Union and the Council of young scientists. The meeting was opened by Farhad Usmanov, the leader of the TDSI Youth Union. The guest of the meeting was presented with a lecture by our compatriot cardiologist Mirmaqsudov Mirakhmadjon, who received a grant-based education in Japan and is currently working as a research scientist at the University of Oslo, Norway. During the meeting, students were given information on topics such as the education system in Japan, types of dental services, work with grant organizations, mistakes in the preparation of documents and shortcomings, recommendations. At the end of the meeting, students who actively participated were presented with books by the Speaker. The meeting was met with great interest by the students.