Spiritual and educational works

Spiritual and educational work at the institute is guided by the decisions and decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the Ministry of Health and the rector of TDSI. The orders and orders on the placement of л are carried out on the basis of the established plan.

- According to the established standards, spiritual and educational work is carried out in the following directions:

- among students and youth, loyalty to the idea of national independence, self-awareness, loyalty to national values, strengthening of national immunity;

- prevention of information attacks that endanger the minds of students and young people, formation of a culture of using the Internet and other information resources;

- formation of a healthy spiritual and educational environment in the institute;

- formation of healthy lifestyle culture in order to meaningfully organize free time of students and young people;

- development of reading culture and love and respect for books among students;

- wide popularization of sports among students.

During 2022, the Institute, in cooperation with the Internal Affairs Department, the Tashkent City and Yashnabad District Prosecutor's Office, the Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan, and a number of other organizations, will fight against crime and offenses, suicide, drug addiction, AIDS, religious extremism and terrorism, cultural - more than events, seminars, open dialogues and roundtables were organized in educational, legal-advocacy, sports directions. The reports on the held events have been formalized and posted on the website in the form of information.

They are as follows:

- aimed at preventing crime,

- on the fight against corruption,

- on combating human trafficking,

- On legal literacy,

- On road safety,

- on the fight against AIDS and drug addiction,

- on combating religious extremism and terrorism,

- Dedicated to holidays and important historical dates,

- In the field of sports,

- Contests and competitions,


- Events were organized on other topics.

You can see the events held on our Telegram channel and the news of our website.

In addition, discussions in these areas are conducted during the "Information and Coaching Hour" sessions.

Most of the activities on developing students' intellectual abilities, meaningful organization of free time from classes, wide promotion of sports and healthy lifestyle among them are 5 important initiatives and the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan " "On the measures to fundamentally improve the system of working with youth in neighborhoods" in 2022
It is being organized based on the decision PQ-92 of January 19.


- The first initiative serves to increase the interest of young people in music, painting, literature, theater and other types of art, and to reveal their talent.

- In order to implement this initiative by the Institute
Clubs for music, painting and other types of art are organized in room 321 and the student residence. 35 students were involved in these clubs, and the "Shifo" student theater studio was established and is operating at the institute.

Also, in order to meaningfully organize students' free time from classes, cultural institutions located in Tashkent (Satire Theater, Muqumiy Theater, State Drama Theater of Uzbekistan, Alisher Navoi Cinema, State Museum of Repression Victims, Victory Park , Health Museum) were organized (1800 persons covered).

In addition, Karaoke in cooperation with the Department of Work with Youth, Spirituality and Enlightenment, Youth Union of the Institute, "Student Union" student council, theatrical performances of the "Shifo" student theater studio established in the institute, and film presentations are regularly held in the student accommodation. is being held.

- The second initiative is aimed at physical training of young people and creation of necessary conditions for them to demonstrate their abilities in the field of sports.

- 6 clubs have been established in the medical-sports complex of the institute for the purpose of physical training of young people and the necessary conditions for them to show their abilities in the field of sports.

- mini-football - 120 participants

- shaping - 20 participants

- weightlifting - 20 participants

- table tennis - 55 participants

- volleyball - 24 participants

- chess - 26 participants

Based on the plans developed in order to promote a healthy lifestyle among students and involve them in sports