Student support

Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures to further improve the system of supporting women and ensuring their active participation in society" No. PQ-5020 of March 5, 2021 and the Cabinet of Ministers " On measures to determine the amount of scholarships paid to students of higher education institutions and to improve the procedure for awarding and paying scholarships" with the decisions No. 59 of January 31, 2020. temir daftar, children of families in the women's register, students in the youth register, children of families in the single register of low-income families, children of families with 1st and 2nd groups of chronic diseases in the family, 2 or more students in the family under a contract and 56 poor and struggling students of other categories were provided monthly financial support (one student per year) at the expense of the financial incentive fund of the institute, as well as creative and educational programs 61 students who were active in spiritual-educational and sports events were financially encouraged (pictures).

- 1 orphanage based on the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 739 dated November 21, 2020 "On measures to further strengthen the social protection of orphans and children deprived of the care of their parents or other legal representatives" food, accommodation, transport, clothing and other expenses of the student are fully covered.

- Decision No. 605 of the Cabinet of Ministers of September 24, 2021 "On measures to introduce the system of reimbursement of rent payments paid by students living on the basis of the right to rent" and "State Higher Education" approved by this decision According to the requirements of the "REGULATION on the procedure for covering a part of the monthly rent payment from the State budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan to students of educational institutions living on the basis of the right to rent, it is equal to a part of the monthly rent amount (300 thousand up to soums) amount of funds have been paid.

- 12 low-income and struggling students are provided with regular free lunches in canteens on the territory of the institute, and 2 free meals for all students living in the student accommodation.

- On the occasion of the International Women's Day, a cultural and educational event was held in the student accommodation of the Tashkent State Dental Institute.

- "Career Center" and "Coworking Office" established at the Institute in order to help low-income students to successfully complete their studies, 12 low-income students will be offered vacant positions in the institute and 103 students will be offered to private and state medical institutions during 2022. employed.

585 of the Cabinet of Ministers of September 17, 2021 "On measures to financially support the higher education of needy girls and single women who have lost their parents or one of them" - on the basis of the decision no. 12 students who have lost their parents or one of them, and female students who have lost their breadwinners, who are studying on the basis of a contract, have been paid the contract funds by the local governments based on the recommendation of the institute.

- 2 students who expressed their desire to organize a club and asked to be allocated a room on the territory of the institute were allocated rooms for organizing a club and taking classes free of charge.

- visits to theaters, concert halls, recreation parks, film screenings, and trips to historical places and shrines of our country are organized for students to spend their free time meaningfully outside of classes.

- In order to encourage talented students, the Rector's scholarship was introduced and monthly payments are made to the students recommended for the scholarship.

- All students who expressed a desire to receive preferential educational credits are assisted in the allocation of educational credits in cooperation with banks.

- Tashkent State Institute of Dentistry participates with its suggestions in the implementation of programs and policies to reduce poverty at the local, regional, national or global level. Relevant proposals are being submitted to the Ministry of Health and Higher Education, Science and Innovation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

- 10 neighborhoods, 5 secondary schools from the Yashnabad district, 32 secondary schools from the Chilonzor district, 4 medical technical schools from the Tashkent city, Samarkand and Namangan regions are currently attached to the Tashkent State Dental Institute. Regular health care in education institutions