To foreign citizens



Attention applicants - foreign citizens who have applied to ToshTSDI!


Dear applicants!

We would like to remind you that the entrance interview to the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute for foreign citizens will be held on September 12, 2022 (Monday) from 10:00 a.m. on the Zoom platform.

We will post the Zoom link soon.



List of documents required for admission to TDSI entrance exams from foreign citizens

1. Application in the name of TDSI rector in color PDF format (application sample is filled out in writing and printed in PDF format);

2. The original copy of the reference (certificate, diploma) showing the grades (points) obtained in the studied subjects and exams, certified by a notary in Russian or Uzbek in color PDF format (the reference is in Russian or Uzbek 'lsa notarization is not required);

3. Medical certificate on health status, medical certificate No. 086U for CIS countries, as well as a medical certificate from the center of the fight against AIDS of the Republic of Uzbekistan or the place of residence in color PDF format;

4. Passport (with valid visa) or birth certificate in color PDF format;

5. Photo 4 x 6 size in JPEG format.

Formatted color PDF data and photo are separately named as follows:


Diploma or certificate

Medical certificate and AIDS



and will be sent to the electronic address  in a single ZIP or RAR format, indicating the applicant's name, surname and field of study.

After the foreign citizen (applicant) sends the information to the indicated e-mail address, TDSI admissions staff will examine it within 2 working days and send a message about the completeness and correctness of the documents or their shortcomings.

A list number (registration number) will be given to the applicant whose information sent by the foreign citizen (applicant) to the specified electronic address is complete and correct.

Registered foreign citizens (applicants) will be notified of information on the next stages through the electronic address where the foreign citizen (applicant) uploaded information.

Tuition prices for one academic year (for the 2020/2021 academic year):

Bachelor's degree: for foreign citizens without a residence permit - 39,426,300 soums;

For foreign citizens with the right of residence - 21,027,360 soums;

For more information, contact the Call Center:

+998 93 579-23-55
+998 93 547-23-55
+998 93 560-23-55
+998 93 587-23-55
+998 93 576-23-55
+998 93 568-23-55
+998 93 549-23-55