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Faculty of Management

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  • Dean: Saydalixo’jayeva Shoira Xotam qizi
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  • Phone: +998(71) 230-20-65
  • E-mail: info@tsdi.uz
  • Lifetime: Tashkent .sh
  • Reception time: Every day 1400-1800

About faculty of Management

Education at the faculty is organized at the stage of the bachelor's program "Management in Health Care" and the Master 's program "Management and Development of Health Care" .

The undergraduate program is aimed at leadership training in the healthcare sector. Students will learn how to improve the current activities of the organization, introduce advanced management technologies and maintain the performance of the medical institution at the highest level.

Learning conditions :

Level: undergraduate

Format: face-to-face training

Duration of study: 4 years

Language of instruction: Russian



Course 1

- Modern concepts of management: world practices

- Innovations and problems of modern management

- Marketing

- Major health and public health organizations

- Medical Law


2 course

- International standards of project management

- Marketing of medical services

- Medical statistics

- Pricing in healthcare

- Cross-cultural management


3 course

- Management of occupational risks and labor safety in the field of healthcare

- Financial management of healthcare institutions

- Fundamentals of Medical Services Management

- Customer service management in healthcare


4 course

- Quality management in healthcare

- Business intelligence and big data analysis

- Management of healthcare infrastructure development

- Charity and sponsorship in the healthcare system


MASTER'S PROGRAMM "Health Management and Development" is organized jointly with JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland . The program complies with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) level 7. Graduates of the master's program are guaranteed employment in the leading medical and preventive institutions of the European Union and the CIS countries.

Learning conditions :

Level: magistracy

Format: face-to-face training

Duration of study: 2 years

Teaching language: English

Graduates receive 2 diplomas:

- JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland

- Tashkent State Dental Institute, Uzbekistan


Requirements for candidates:

Higher medical education

Basic knowledge of English

Work experience of at least 2 years (24 months)


The goal is to train research and scientific and pedagogical personnel to solve the problems of organizing and managing healthcare in healthcare institutions, specialized scientific and practical medical centers, medical educational institutions, research institutes and other medical institutions.

The health care manager after completing the educational direction of the bachelor's degree "Management: Management in Health Care" operates in the following institutions:

– Health authorities;

– Bodies and institutions of the healthcare system;

– Offices, companies and health insurance funds;

– Center for emergency medical care and its branches;

– Center for State Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare and Public Health;

– Non-state health authorities;

– Medical institutions, sanatoriums of medical institutions of other ministries and organizations;

– State governing bodies and social infrastructure;

- Medical colleges.

After completing the master's degree, graduates can work in the following areas: manager-head of low, middle and higher levels of medical institutions of the health care system, departments, companies and health insurance funds